Twilight Princess Rap

by Yungtown



Verse 1:
I’ve been lost against this pond,
In my thoughts with walls that I have built in
With a sadness as dusk falls
Never withdrawn from this village

can’t stop from feeling like these so called challenges aren’t fulfilling
My heart is missing something iconic, I can’t conjure up what isn’t there

But I got this spirit, yeah, and it’s pretty effortless to demonstrate
There must be a solider within, the older I get it appears so crystal clear
I kinda hear a call from a distant lair, I sense it but I just can’t listen yet
That isn’t until I shift these senses after stumbling into a different realm

RAW get out of my face unless you wanna taste of my fangs saliva
There’s no telling when I’ll change in time just, migrate outside the confines of the silence
It can be quite horrifying or if I’m in the Twilight horizon
I’mma fight lively I’m a decisive

it’s important that when my sword up your supported more then
a portion of Ordon
Who is Zant?Gannondorf’s ward son, left on somebody’s porch
lit door step as a poor orphan
Flourishing the dark, painting the world up with an order
that is already disordered
and with my lovely company you’ll suddenly become a puppet of
the beast, we gotta hustle epona

Midna, where you at, are you riding on the back? I’m a prisoner in that cell living in the past
Linking a sequence of recent demons attacking me weakening any feeling of authority I had
what are the spirits and why can they not let go
and why am I hearing peculiar fears echo
Why am I hearing peculiar fears ech…
oh…they wont rest inside of this dreadful

State of mind behaving like the world is about to be terminated
wait and see
I won’t tolerate behavior less I intervene in the Twilight, and it’s rather quite unique
I’m gonna fight these freaks insightfully I can be more violent than it seems
Twilight HD is gonna to be sweet like combining PBG…

J - Jelly - Games, no need to celebrate
Unless we find those heart pieces and shard pieces that were separated
Meditate in the spring eliminate the dark irrigate the peace
restore the land from Death Mountain to the Snowy peaks, gracefully

The specter gives lessons of weaponry
Regretting a desolate destiny
In debt to his connected legacy
So accept his suggestions respectfully

And eventually Zant will face you and then
you’ll see the essence of flexibility
But not even him will ever understand What it looks like to survive successfully


released February 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Yungtown Memphis, Tennessee

I love making music!

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