One Punch Man Rap

by Yungtown



Verse: 1
POW you best sit down I am a testament
of leverage in fights, one strike, is the preference
Put your fist out against thousands of veterans
you cannot discount me I’m so far better than

Everyone, ha ha nah I aint simpler
I’m far more different head is elliptical
You call that bald I call you belligerent
eviscerate monsters with ridiculous indifference

It’s easy in fact I need a new challenger
My name is Saitama incase all of ya are adamant
On battling, I’ll manage to wreck havoc with a habit of
One solid blow and everything happens to come collapsing down

Split the sky up, rip defy what you thought
the laws of physics were you’re invited
To risk your life but you might rely much
on excuses whenever you lose when I punch

Okay now
I wanna battle with someone but riddle me this
If I cant find a new challenger how else am I supposed to win
Okay now
I do not think I am someone you wanna go against
Cause I can take you’re whole crew down with one single hit

Verse: 2
Genos how you feeling when
A robotic-ish gorilla that Doc. Genus is sending in
Disassemble his limbs, my fellow cyborg
Don’t worry I’ve sorted out Beast King, he died for us (wink)

Alright Genos, it’s time to do this
The Carnage Kabuto at the House of Evolution
What are you doing, you trying to bother us
How about I turn YOU into a piece of Modern art

You’ll be involuntarily vomiting my carnage friend
After one week I’ll define for you exactly what “carnage” is
All of this is something that I care to fight through
To hammer in each nail of the paradise group

I’ll tear and try to, compare what I do
With the hero I wanted to be so time to
Define a fine truth a crisis like who
Will face me, cause no one can do I what I do


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Yungtown Memphis, Tennessee

I love making music!

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