Triforce Rap

by Yungtown



WISDOM: (focused is lyrical proficiency, and the use of internal rhyming)
Wisdom, brought out by the vision
depicted by mysticism, prolific scriptures encrypted
In the richest forms, spirits and sages are born
To imprison an ancient force aiming for us, take this sword

It’s way more than sacred orders to forsaken mortal foes
It’s to illustrate a patience demonstrate a moral code
If we cannot protect this chamber from an aggressive nature
authenticated by hatred, we’ll be forcefully controlled

With Wisdom we summon secrets so we can uphold the peace of
our kingdom, because evil isn’t something that we can become
Some people will push us off at the top of our achievements just
Holding a crooked grudge, that’s one of my general grievances

and if the beast that’s leashed up, shall emerge from the surface
shake the dirt up from it’s home we must remain determined
Desert the burden there is no reason to worry
Our people will not be beaten for we lean upon our courage

COURAGE: (focus is endurance)
Courage (is), when you gotta lean up on that feeling you don’t recognize
It’s a weapon with a message that threatens every menace we can identify
We cannot replicate a time that fear redecorated our
Behavior from communicating that a hope had vaporized

It may take some time, to awaken, but nevertheless we must stay inspired
And make the expectations of our quest to commission a letter that ventilates a fire
I don’t care I’ll endanger my life with the master sword in hand
Because no matter the jeopardy no enemy can step to me sufficiently therefore you won’t advance

Gannondorf I will never be known for given in or being weak
I will not break down in the middle of everything
My courage will catapult me to a simple victory

I’m far more than an individual in green
I’m a poetic depiction of what a hero can be
So if you really wanna go toe to toe hold up, theres one more final piece

POWER: (focus is emotional intensity)
POWER, Supposedly the exhibition of passionate
Practices that make the actions actually accurate
Even in the accidents they power through the masses with
Immaculate control and letting go of it is blasphemous

Cause people with more power, all they want is more power
To the point where happiness cant be found just devoured
Where the populace is bottled up into becoming monstrous
At least in our story power is what the problem is

It’s positively provocative specifically in politics
But in the proper hands we can pocket the apocalypse
And if our heart is polished with a virtue that is solid the
Triforce will sparkle altering Hyrule into a promise land


released November 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Yungtown Memphis, Tennessee

I love making music!

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