Mario Maker (1989) Rap

by Yungtown



-WII U controller magically appears in Luke’s hand-

LUKE: Super Mario Maker? WHOAAA!

2: It let’s you create your own Super Mario Levels and share them with your friends.
But first you’re gonna need to learn the basics.

-Music Begins-


Now making a level isn’t hard to do
First you gotta have the game only for Wii U
Boot it up and just hit make
Don’t use your finger that’s your first mistake

Look on the back you’ll find a pen
Place it in your hand so we can begin
Touch the pen to the brick to create some ground
To draw a cool path for Mario to move around

Then click a block that’s a mystery
And drag a mushroom to it so he can succeed
And anything can fit in a block
a goomba, a coin, or a flower that’s hot

My favorite thing to do comes next
Add plenty of coins that Mario collects
If it’s too easy you can take it slow
and turn the ground into holes in eraser mode

To change something into something great
All you have to do is give it a shake
if you wanna undo just remember woof
The puppy at the bottom will make it go poof

Wait a second now don’t put Bowser there
That’s too early and its sure to give folks a scare
Oh don’t you know about the mushrooms yo?
In this game, it’ll make anything grow and grow

Now what you’ve done doesn’t make no sense
This isn’t a mario level I’m not convinced
There are Boos near saw blades and Thwomps with wings
And canons that shoot out coins and things

But if you’re done click the robot
Give it a name after you select a slot
Then click it again and then hit upload
Now you have to beat it on your own.

And once you complete the level and win
You get to share it with all of your friends
And this was something only you could do
With Super Mario Maker only for Wii U


released February 20, 2016
Instrumental Made By:



all rights reserved


Yungtown Memphis, Tennessee

I love making music!

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