Shovel Knight Rap

by Yungtown



Beat by DJ Cutman:


I am a true Champion an abundance of stamina
is tangle with adrenaline and channeled to the handle of
my weapon isn’t standard it’s certainly imaginative
If you question my manners then that’s when you’ll know the half of it

Im a catalyst of honor protagonist in armor
A strategist who’s cataloged every battle in my noggin
Utilizing catapults to travel to the catastrophic
Whereabouts, to defeat the evil and recapture this province

Verse 2:
For you know, steel thy shovel blade is focused I won’t delay
Shield knight, it’s unrealized, but I’m on my way
The spectrum of the Specters’ effectively epileptic
Order of no quarter I won’t ever treasure this plague

From every relic that’s respectively a necessity
to the complexity of propellers levitating up the stage
I will keep going til thy victory’s potent
while delivering hope to my rivalries of today

Verse 3:
I will manage the night stand up as a known standard of light
This kinda life isn’t glamorous I only wanna damage that cursed amulet like
right now, these dreams aren’t casual my nightmares
stalk me like an animal I’m now panicking
scrambling frantically what if I don’t arrive in the right channel of time

This land is so maddening why cant I vanish the calamity by
just one wave of this shovel, so no one has to dramatically die
I will never abandon a fight or gamble on a life by dismantling
my weapon, I shall always answer the cry of depravity, IM

SHOVEL KNIGHT with many fortunes and triumphs
I’ll cycle through these knights and bring forth harmony and guidance
Questing through many trials and sparring with plenty idols
In order to restore the most brilliant alliance


released December 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Yungtown Memphis, Tennessee

I love making music!

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